le Lagore


We like to celebrate good living always gazing towards the sea. We respect the unspoiled nature that grows around us and that, since 1911, gives us incredible treasures. We like to share an authentic place rich in history, which comes alive again thanks to each guest.

Le Lagore sums up our values: family, nature and connection to the land.

Once upon a time there was a monastery


The agricultural history of the farm is linked to the settlement of a community of Friars Minor, who in the 1500s chose this place for its fertility and exposure.

Using ancient techniques, they built dry stone walls and irrigation canals to make cultivation possible in this impervious territory. We still preserve their agricultural legacy today. 



Est. 1911

It was our great-great-grandmother Edith Eaton Boselli who bought the estate in 1911. She was in love with the landscape of Levanto where she met her husband Giuseppe Boselli, a naval officer from La Spezia and commander of the first Italian submarine, Delfino.

During the four years of World War I, Le Lagore estate and Villa Boselli, a second family property in Levanto, were turned into shelters for war orphans and wounded soldiers, an activity for which Edith received the Gold Medal for Civil Valor by the Italian State.

Art and artists' place

In the mid-1900s the residence hosted prominent international figures, such as the American journalist Robert Fitzgerald and the German painter Hans Purrmann, who painted the landscape in numerous works.

The property was later inherited by Giovanna and Virginia Zervudachi, grandchildren of Edith and Giuseppe. Our grandmother Giovanna decided to settle here in the 1980s together with our grandfather Piero Verbinschak, an architect and painter, who transformed the monastery chapel into his atelier, finding inspiration for many of his works, now on display in the farmhouse.





New life

A severe fire destroyed almost all the crops in 1999. Since then our family has worked hard to bring the structure back to life, restoring the tree crops and renovating the farmers’ dwelling into what is now the Le Lagore farmhouse.

La Casetta, the main building of the farmhouse, was renovated by our father, architect Pierpaolo Peruzzi. With the aim of maintaining the simplicity of a rural building, he wisely recovered the space transforming it into a living room overlooking the sea that has access to a terrace inspired by typical Mediterranean lines. The upper floor, where the rooms are, preserves its tradition: the original windows are restored to the design of the historic ones, the floors is partly recovered with the original terracotta and the walls are treated exclusively with natural lime mortars and paints. The furnishings, studied in detail by our mother Virginia Verbinschak, are perfectly incorporated into the natural and relaxing context of the experience.


The story goes on

The tradition of Le Lagore is carried on by us, the five sons of Virginia and Pierpaolo: Giovanni, Emanuele, Costantino, Tito and Pietro Peruzzi. With the support of the whole family, we are committed to bring a contemporary vision to the farmhouse project, investing in new forms of sustainable hospitality by designing a multifunctional reality that blends agriculture and craftsmanship. Each of our guests is welcome under the name of good living.

Dove siamo


La tenuta Le Lagore, coni suoi 5 ettari tipicamente a terrazzamenti, è situata nella riviera del levante ligure a ridosso tra Levanto e Bonassola, alle porte delle 5 Terre. L’affaccio sul Mar Ligure regala un panorama mozzafiato di cui vi innamorerete. Scopri di più sull’agriturismo e sul glamping.

Azienda Agricola

DAL 2018

Dal 2018, Giovanni ed Emanuele danno vita all’azienda agricola, impiantando le colture andate perse come il vigneto ed il frutteto. Il loro impegno è anche fortemente concentrato nel proseguire il progetto dell’agriturismo, investendo in nuove forme di ospitalità sostenibile come il glamping.